I specialize in rapidly building software companies and web applications. I use an entrepreneurial mindset to inform my design and engineering output.

I prioritize communication while building. I use screencasts, video calls, and written words to lead teams built on trust and transparency.

I am an expert in JavaScript, working primarily in React and Firebase, but I have experience working in a wide range of technologies including Node & Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, React Native, Gatsby, REST API design, CircleCI, 3rd party APIs (Stripe, Discord, Slack, Amplitude, Google Auth, etc.), AWS (S3, CloudFront, Cognito, Build Pipeline, Route53, ACM), Cypress testing, and many more.

Additionally, I am an experienced interface and user experience designer. I use Figma to communicate ideas through low and high fidelity mockups, design systems, and clickable prototypes.

You can check out the tools I use for working on my uses page.

Other things I'm into

  • Married to @jesswar_chan since 2014.

  • I’ve been a gamer my whole life. I play StarCraft, Fortnite, and Nintendo 64.

  • I ran Division 3 track (400m) at Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • I play guitar and bass and I’m learning to record my own songs. Using Garage band for now, but eyeing Ableton as my skills improve.

  • I watch a lot of SciFi series. Farscape, Deep Space Nine, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars are some of my favorites.

This website

I built this website in late December, 2019 and then released v2 in May 2020. The code is open source on GitHub, and the design is publically available in Figma.