Incident postmortem reports

An incident report provides documentation for an event that disrupts service in a production environment.

Accidents happen, and we can use them as an opportunity to learn and improve our process and product moving forward.

When a qualifying incident takes place, an incident report should be drafted within 48 hours.

Be blameless. Remember that everyone is doing their best and failure is an opportunity to learn — Hannah Culver

Use the template below to create a markdown file and push it to this repository.

Situations in which you should create an incident report

  • Security breach — Sensitive or protected information has been exposed.
  • Data loss — Data on a production database has been lost.
  • Downtime — The app is unavailable for some amount of time.
  • Bulk mailing — Emails have been sent by mistake.
  • Operation interruption — A feature was broken or unusable.






A brief, 2-3 sentence overview of the incendent's contributing factors, customer impact, and resolution.

Customer impact

How many customers were affected? What was their experience like?

Contributing factors

What was the root cause of this incident? What sequence of events lead up to this event occurring?


A longer description of what exactly happened.

Follow-up actions

How did we respond to the incident?

What improvements and changes does the team plan to make going forward?

Who is responsible for implementing these improvements and when will they be completed?

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